Nanobiotechnology Lab

The nanobiotechnology laboratory is working on the development of siRNA, shRNA, protein and drug loaded targeted nanocarrier & microcarrier based drug delivery systems for the lung inflammation, lung cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes and dairy animals disease. We are interested in developing composite, hybrid delivery system which can be employed to deliver different therapeutics agents for the treatment of different diseases. We are also interested in working on how to to disrupt bio-film formed by bacteria by employing various means to disrupt it either by DNase, artificial lung surfactants or GRAS surfactant used for parental delivery.

At present we are working on polymeric delivery system based on chitosan, PLGA, Alginate, solid lipid or hybrid of these polymer to get hybrid property to delivery system for targeted drug delivery.

We are also working to deliver therapeutic molecules in liquid formulation using nebulizer for targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules to lungs via inhalation route.

Our Mission

We aim to connect the world to the world inside our lab to work for the betterment of humanity and progress towards scientific perspectives.

Here, we put in our endeavour to give students all the possible exposure to the different areas of their interest and research, connecting their thoughts to all the practical executions in:

• Developing appropriate delivery system to deliver therapeutic agents on the right target site.

• Creating nanocarriers and microcarriers, the right pathway to directly earmark the solution.

• Connecting links to embark evolution of different interdisciplinary research in Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology.

• Novel techniques to deliver the right kind of drug delivery systems for different diseases.